Flat lays

CGI flat-lays that elevate your brand.

Our award-winning interior designers seamlessly blend 3D expertise with flat-lay artistry, delivering captivating structured compositions that elevate brochures, websites and social media posts by showcasing the key elements of your designs.

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Elevate your marketing with captivating flat-lay CGI.

  • Visual appeal - Elevate brochures, websites and social media
  • Award-winning interior designers
  • High-quality, photorealistic flat-lay images
  • Design essence - Effectively showcase key elements of your designs
CGI flat-lay image of the elements from a new bedroom scene. Perfect for previewing interior design, colour combination and marketing purposes.
CGI flatlay image displaying taupe cabinetry, white granites and elements and props from the kitchen interior
CGI flat-lay image of the elements from a new bedroom scene. Perfect for previewing interior design, colour combination and marketing purposes.
3D rendered bedroom interior with a Shaker 5 panel design in forest green.

We craft striking flat-lay images that present entire design concepts in single, meticulously structured compositions. These compelling images work wonders, enhancing brochures, websites and social-media feeds with aesthetically appealing visuals. Our award-winning interior designers blend our 3D content creation expertise with flat-lay artistry, enabling us to craft visuals that resonate with your audience and showcase all the key elements of your design. Many clients now integrate our flat-lay design service alongside room set CGI, offering striking previews that effectively showcase specific products or interior elements. Ready to transform your brand's visual presence? Let our talented design team craft CGI flat-lays that exceed your expectations and captivate your audience.

CGI bedside table with a matching oak headboard
A CGI flat-lay crafted to display the elements of a contemporary American kitchen interior

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