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LPD Doors are one of the largest suppliers of internal doors in the UK. Working with their marketing team since 2017 we have designed and produced hundreds of door silos, CGI interiors and recently an industry leading interactive 3D door viewer.

Increasing confidence.

With the door market becoming increasingly competitive LPD knew it was important to distinguish their brand as a market leader. To increase customer confidence we worked extensively with their team to develop an interactive 3D door viewer that integrates seamlessly with their website.

Adding 3D models allows stockists and end-users to examine each door, giving a better understanding of groove and panel shapes, glazing and the surface finish, which is especially challenging to replicate with traditional photography. In turn this increases engagement in the online product catalogue and confidence in the product.

LPD Doors

By incorporating our doors as the focal point in aspirational interiors, Pikcells have been able to create captivating CGI visuals that truly showcase our doors. Thanks to Pikcells' innovative solutions, we have unlocked new possibilities and elevated the LPD Doors brand presence."

Crittall style black clear glazed internal French door room divider with two sidelight panels

Creating a look.

LPD supply doors to huge retailers, like Wayfair and Magnet, who offer an extensive range of door brands. Tasked with developing a fresh identifiable style for LPD's new marketing material, we set about developing styles that would resonate with their target audience. Through a careful consideration of composition, colour palette and interior trends, we aimed to capture the essence of LPD's products and showcase them in a way that would leave a lasting impact on their customers.

Living room CGI with a Reims white internal door
inline image
3D interior featuring a planked style oak internal door

Incorporating trends.

Working closely with the LPD marketing department we developed their design ideas into a series of spaces which are an extension of current trends. Our goal was to create interiors where the door takes centre stage, with everything else complementing its style seamlessly.

When it came to showcasing the doors, we wanted to capture their best features. So images were kept flat allowing the doors to shine with their textures and details. We also placed doors closer to one side so each image could be cropped for the web or printed without any quality loss.

Hallway CG Image containing a Greenwich black glazed door
CGI with a Vancouver black interior door
CGI interior displaying our client, LPD's clear glazed black framed Melrose internal doors


Each door was delivered to our CGI studio, photographed in detail from various angles, capturing every intricate feature. The CG artists then meticulously reconstructed each door in 3D, mapping the texture photography back onto the 3D models and ensuring that the timber grain, pre-finish or paint finish was faithfully replicated. This attention to detail was also extended to the interior design, with most of the supporting items of furniture and props created from scratch to support the fresh trends selected by the customer.


External Excellence.

With a successful brochure showcasing our CG imagery, LPD quickly realised the quality and cost benefits of CGI over traditional roomset photography. They have continued to use our services, expanding their commission to include a new external door range. By embracing CGI in their marketing materials, they have saved valuable time and resources which has given them a serious edge and allowed them to stand out from the competition.

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Our clients.

We value a great working relationship with our clients above all else.
It's why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.

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