Elevating the essence of handcrafted furniture.

Zofa is a high-end British furniture manufacturer with a dedication to crafting quality sofas and chairs, we were thrilled to collaborate with them when our 360 CGI Product Spinners were recommended to them. Our partnership with Zofa mirrors their commitment to excellence and craftsmanship, bringing their timeless designs to life through stunning CGI imagery.

Showcasing Sofas.

Zofa were impressed by the quality of our CGI fabrics and 3D furnishing models. They commissioned our 360° spinners along with detailed cameo images to enhance the presentation of their sofas on their website. They understood the importance of allowing customers to view their furniture from numerous angles, something that would be impractical with traditional photography due to the volume required.

With over 50 sofa and chair styles, each offering an extensive selection of 25 fabric options, it quickly became apparent to us that this would still be a mammoth rendering project to produce the 360 rotations, even for CGI. Fortunately, our automated rendering workflows are perfectly suited for this task, allowing our team to efficiently automate the production and output thousands of renders with ease.

CGI silo render of a moss green velvet sofa detailing the seat area
CGI render of a two seater sofa with a woven orange texture

Fabric precision.

When it comes to furniture details we know how important it is to be meticulous with textures. We employ an advanced photometric stereo technique to capture our clients’ fabrics and produce tileable textures. We also ensure that we run all of the textures we capture through a rigorous colour-managed workflow, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and realism. While this method may take longer than photographing flat textures, we understand that for furnishings with close-up details, realism is paramount.

3d rendering cgi beds sofa furniture Livingroom
3d rendering cgi beds sofa furniture Livingroom
3d rendering cgi beds sofa furniture Livingroom

We use a combination of automation and creative skill to ensure consistent quality"

Zofa Utopia sofa in royal blue CGI roomset render

Aspirational roomset environments.

In addition to the studio CGI work, we had the privilege of crafting a small series of roomset images to showcase a collection of new sofas and sofabeds in a natural but aspirational home environment. Each interior was designed by our interiors team and styled to evoke a sense of comfort and timeless style, all whilst focussing the attention on Zofa's furniture as the centrepiece of the roomset.

CGI image displaying Zofa's bottle green sofa bed extended with a white duvet and mustard yellow blanket

Our clients.

We value a great working relationship with our clients above all else.
It's why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.

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