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We've been the sole supplier of interior design, styling, CG images, animation and configurator tools for Wren Kitchens since 2014.

Wren quickly realised the quality potential and cost benefits of CG imagery over traditional roomset photography and have continued to use our services, expanding their scope beyond images with a strong range of interactive, design and animation services. As a long term partner we work closely with them to keep interior designs on trend and interactive tools up to date, keeping customers engaged and inspired.

Milano black and oak japandi styled kitchen interior

Elevating a brand through interior design.

In a homogenised market place it's crucial that an energetic and progressive brand like Wren is able to distinguish itself and stand out. We worked extensively with Wren to develop a very aspirational aesthetic, providing ideas to customers that would attract them to the product and entice them into the showrooms.

Milano black and oak tall oven housing CGI
Cameo image displaying the ribbed oak texture of this Japandi inspired cabinetry
Black and ribbed oak kitchen inspired by the Japandi trend
Milano black and oak Japandi styled kitchen interior
Under oven storage drawer in a Milano black finish.
Livingetc Style Award Winner - Best Kitchen - Wise Buy

Wren are widely recognised as having the best looking imagery and brochures in the marketplace. Our interior designs and CG images have contributed to them winning three prestigious awards, including the coveted Ideal Home Kitchen of the Year and Livingetc Style Awards.

Luxurious white traditional kitchen with hidden larder unit office space - CGI render by Pikcells
Opulent white and black granite kitchen interior with gold accessories, CGI render by Pikcells
Kitchen of the Year Award - Ideal Home Kitchen Awards 2021
Shaker Forest Green kitchen CGI by Pikcells - Kitchen of the Year Award - Wren Kitchens
CGI render of a range cooker in a Shaker forest green kitchen - Winner of the Ideal Home Kitchen of the Year 2021
Larder storage unit CGI - Ideal Home Kitchen of the Year 2021
Wren Forest Green Shaker Kitchen, winner of Kitchen of the Year Award - Ideal Home Kitchen Awards 2021
Home office boot room concept for Ideal Home Kitchen of the Year 2021
White porcelain butler sink and gold tap - Interior design by Pikcells, winner of Ideal Home Kitchen of the Year 2021
Pull out waste bin CGI - Wren Shaker Forest Green Kitchen - Ideal Home Kitchen of the Year 2021
Larder storage unit CGI - Ideal Home Kitchen of the Year 2021

Good affordable design.

Good interior design isn't always about expensive kitchen products, Wren supply a wide range of kitchens to suit the majority of budgets. For the cost effective cabinetry our designers plan simple layouts and elevate the design with first-rate styling and propping.

Budget Shaker kitchen with an oriental theme
Gloss grey budget kitchen CGI

Indigo blue slim Shaker kitchen cabinetry with white solid countertops and open shelving.

From disruptor to #1 kitchen retailer.

Since 2009 Wren have expanded rapidly, becoming the number one kitchen retailer in the UK. We began working with them on their Linda Barker kitchen range, designing and producing 15 beautiful room set images which still look the business today.

By 2016 Wren raised the bar again launching a brand new kitchen range, Infinity. The introduction of Infinity allowed us to expand on our CG offering, we introduced motion by creating short animations for use in their advertisements as well as a project to engineer a fully interactive 360 configurator tool.

CGI Japandi styled kitchen with contrasting oak ribbed doors and matt black slab doors
Gold profile Milano kitchen with island and tall unit bank
Green Shaker accessibility kitchen roomset CGI

Style and functionality.

Wren's accessible kitchen range prioritises functionality to promote inclusive, independent living. Our team elevated their accessible kitchen range creating a stylish roomset and precise lifestyle images that highlight every accessibility feature, from pull-out wall units to lowered sink areas. CGI provided the perfect platform to showcase these features in detail, enabling us to create versatile and cost-effective visuals that capture the essence of Wren's commendation-worthy designs.

CGI render of an adjustable height sink area in a green Shaker style accessibility kitchen
3D render of a Le Mans corner cabinetry in a green Shaker accessibility kitchen
Raised height washing machine shelf CGI
Green Shaker accessibility kitchen roomset CGI displaying open cabinetry
CGI render of an adjustable height hob worktop area in a green Shaker style accessibility kitchen
Remote control to control height adjustable functions in an accessible, wheelchair-friendly kitchen
3D render of motorised accessibility shelving displayed in the down position
Wren Kitchens

Pikcells have consistently delivered market leading CG Images and Visualisers for us since 2015"

Wren 360 kitchen configurator

Inventing a solution.

We’ve been the developers of Wren Kitchens online configurator tools since 2017 when they asked us to build an online kitchen visualiser to replace their existing outdated one. Crucially this new configuration tool had to be capable of handling their vast product range, including all of their doors in all colours and finishes along with a selection of handles, worktops and splashbacks.

inline image

Wren approached us once again in 2021 looking to improve the configurator further, by adding new products, but crucially they wanted a broader range of interior styling, with a view to them moving into international markets where property styles and trends differ considerably.

Make it better.

The 2017 Wren online kitchen planner was a pioneering product at the time, with a vast product library capable of millions of combinations and providing full 360° views of a kitchen interior in full screen, for a more immersive experience. Building on this 360° configuration tool and with increased experience in interactive tech we designed a completely new 360° visualiser, built from the ground up.

The resulting offers billions of kitchen combinations and includes a new feature for property designs, which quickly transform the interior with one of our expertly crafted pre-sets. These pre-sets are more engaging for customers to match their property style and taste better. Additionally, users can configure wall colours and floor options for further interior design customisation.


The latest tech.

The interactive configurator uses the latest WebGL technology, allowing it to work on all modern web browsers and on nearly any device, without the need for any plugins or downloads. It just works!

Black polished worktop displayed in the Wren 360 configurator worktop selections screen

Effective tile generation.

We also created a bespoke 'tile generation system' which split each layer up into small sections, only loading tiles when a user is viewing them. This greatly speeds up the system and improves its reliability, allowing tens of thousands of concurrent users to access it at once.

3D rendered bedroom interior with a Shaker 5 panel design in forest green.

Dreamy spaces.

In 2023, Wren made a bold move into the bedroom furniture market, expanding their offering to include two stylish ranges of fitted bedrooms. Wren approached us to help bring their bedroom visions to life, commissioning our team to create four gorgeous CGI bedroom interiors that showcase the new catalogue of products.

CGI flat-lay image of the elements from a new bedroom scene. Perfect for previewing interior design, colour combination and marketing purposes.
CGI render of a Shaker 5 panel, forest green bedside table with two drawers.
An open wardrobe with neatly organized clothes displayed above two wood finished closed internal drawers, highlighting the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics
Forest green open Shaker-style drawer fronts make for a visually stunning and functional clothing storage solution.

Our talented designers created CGI flat-lay images to effectively communicate each design concept to Wren's marketing team. They were given free reign to create unique and inspiring spaces, highlighting the elegance and quality of Wren's fitted wardrobes and furniture. The result is a collection of beautiful CG images that are both stylish and functional, demonstrating Wren's commitment to quality and cutting-edge interior design.

A bedroom interior that embraces organic textures and lush green furnishings to display our clients wardrobes and bedroom furnishings
3D rendered white modern bedside table with black handles
Mirrored sliding door wardrobe, open displaying illuminated clothing rail and internal drawers
With meticulous attention to detail and a punchy color palette of navy, peach, and burnt orange, this photorealistic CG bedroom image brings the clients design ideas to life
CGI flat-lay with abstract decor items arranged in fascinating ways to showcase colour, texture and combinations for an upcoming bedroom interior
A stylish and modern navy blue CGI bedside table render.
CGI bedroom scene showing a detailed view of a blue dressing table with modern brass handles
CGI wardrobe render showcasing a navy blue wardrobe with it's door open to reveal a beautifully designed cabinet interior with two clothing rails and oak timber finishes illuminated by overhead LED strips
3D rendered luxurious large walk-in wardrobe with back-lit oak cabinetry
CGI bedside table with a matching oak headboard
VR scene displayed on Wren kitchens TV advert titled "The Greatest Showroom"

Interior 3D to TV.

We've worked in partnership with Wren on their TV campaigns for a number of years, producing animated kitchen roomsets as well as more complex motion tracked VFX.

In 2022 Wren wanted to visually display their in-store VR experience in their 'Greatest Showroom' ad campaign. To achieve the visual effect they mixed our animated kitchen interior with rotoscoped choreographed dance performances.

Wren TV Advert CGI

Motion tracking.

In 2019 Wren's TV campaign, used motion tracking VFX on a CG kitchen to great effect, which is visually indiscernible from a real room set. Wren have become renowned as the front runner for on-trend and inspirational kitchen imagery, so using CGI in this way allows us to swap out interiors as new trends emerge throughout their campaign.

Wren TV advert on set photography

Wren TV Advert Breakdown

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It's why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.

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