Resin redefined.

Torginol are manufacturer and supplier of high-performance resinous flooring. They have a long history of providing innovative, commercial, industrial and residential surfaces throughout the United States and worldwide. Their resin floor products combine both function and design versatility, allowing for limitless variations in colour, pattern, textures and sheen.

Torginol Flooring Configurator

Flakes being scattered on a resin floor

Flakes galore.

Torginol’s resin flooring products allow for an infinite variety of finishes. Liquid resin is applied onto a prepared surface, with various mixes of colour flakes, quartz and wood textures sprinkled or thrown over the base resin. Once cured, the floors are strong, durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Torginol Interactive Configurator Environment Selection Menu

Flooring in 3D.

Torginol wanted to offer their customers an innovative and engaging way to visualise their flooring products and approached us to create a bespoke online configurator. They already had an existing 2D visualizer with limited preset options which they wanted to enhance. Instead of creating 3D scenes for each of these existing visuals, they asked us to integrate some of the 2D into the new configurator and commissioned three of their most popular scenes as 3D environments.

Our development team delivered a highly detailed WebGL configurator with free camera movement, which allows customers the freedom to view flooring finishes from different angles. This free exploration means customers can closely examine the texture, colour and finish of each floor both up close and from a distance, in the environments of an airport, garage and warehouse.

Blend customiser displayed on a tablet device

Blend your own.

In the online configurator, customers have access to hundreds of pre-set colour flake, wood and quartz blends. Additionally, our development team has built a Blend Customisation tool that enables customers to mix their own bespoke flake blends digitally. With a choice of three different flake sizes and up to twelve flake options, customers have an infinite number of combinations to create their perfect flooring finish.

In addition to flake blending, the configurator also offers a pigment mixer for customers who prefer a traditional coloured resin floor.

Picture perfect floors.

In addition to the Blend Customisation tool, our developers have incorporated a clever Artificial Intelligence tool into the configurator, which allows customers to upload a photo of their room. The AI scans the image and detects the floor, creating an overlayed resin floor visual with realistic shadows. Customers can then adjust the perspective and scale to refine the representation of their chosen blend. With this feature, customers can truly visualise how their custom floor blend will look in their own space.

Torginol floor design visualiser on a tablet device

WebGL - Flooring at your fingertips.

By using WebGL technology as the platform for this online configurator we’ve supplied a range of benefits for Torginol and their customers. The configurator is accessible on any modern browser and device, so customers can instantly explore and experiment with the vast range of flooring options at their fingertips. This also means a reduction in the need for physical samples and brochures, saving time and money for both Torginol and their customers. Additionally, utilising cutting-edge technology like WebGL positions Torginol as a tech-savvy company, putting them ahead of their market competitors.


Partnering with Pikcells to develop our flooring configurator has greatly improved our product visualization capabilities and user satisfaction. Their team took the time to understand the nuance of our product and really brought it to life"

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