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Ask Real Estate are an independent property developer with an impressive reputation for delivering high-quality urban developments across the North of the UK. Since their inception in 2000, they’ve been committed to creating innovative, exceptional properties evidenced throughout their extensive portfolio.

First Street 3D Virtual Tour

Perfecting property promotion.

We were approached by our business partners at HDMI Lab to work in partnership to create a captivating 3D property tour for Ask's remarkable new office development situated at First Street, Manchester. HDMI are renowned for their exceptional domain expertise in the North West property industry. This partnership, combining their extensive knowledge with our 3D expertise has enabled us to develop a remarkable online, precision sales tool to market the spectacular new property.

Interactive 3D property tour 3D building external

A cost-efficient tech alternative.

Our task was to create a versatile tool for Ask which they could use to showcase their office space, facilities and the surrounding amenities in full 3D, even before construction had even started.

Our WebGL based 3D Virtual Tours were an ideal solution, offering interactive photorealistic 3D visuals but with the flexibility to explore the space instantly on any device and browser. Allowing Ask to easily share a simple web-link with prospective clients, which they can use to access the immersive 3D experience without any special tech requirements. This sets our solution apart from other high-tech alternatives, such as Unreal-based virtual tours, by eliminating the need for high-powered, expensive computers.

3D interface displaying the points of interest in the 3D property tour
iPad tablet displaying the First Street 3D Virtual Tour

The big advantage is it’s not a brittle technology. It doesn’t require a 5k workstation in a marketing suite which needs to be constantly manned. It doesn’t need any special plug-ins. The WebGL engine is fully remote. If you’ve got the link, then you’ve got the experience."

Impressive facilities in 3D

The First Street development boasts a range of impressive facilities which we’ve been able to incorporate into the 3D visuals. Spanning 12 floors, it offers modern A-grade office space designed for productivity and comfort. For those who embrace sustainable commuting, there's secure cycle storage and e-bike charging stations accommodating up to 220 cycles. As well as a fitness studio with shower and changing facilities and an informal café complement the welcoming reception area. Moving upward to floors 11 and 12, we've seamlessly blended 360° drone photography with our 3D renders, showcasing accurately placed vistas of the Manchester skyline. These panoramic views are best enjoyed from the roof terraces, perfect for both social gatherings and business events.

360° photorealistic 3D render of a roof terrace, displayed in our interactive property tour.
Interactive 360 property tour with photorealistic 3D renders of a cycle storage area
Reception area displayed in a 3D Virtual Tour

Our virtual tour also incorporates a simplified 3D neighbourhood map of Manchester city centre. This unique feature provides users with the ability to explore nearby amenities, giving a sense of scale and convenience without overwhelming the visual experience. It's a really handy tool for those who aren’t familiar with Manchester and the accessibility of this prime location.

Simplified 3D map displaying the amenities around the First Street development

Pushing boundaries and winning awards.

As with many of our interactives, we’re always pushing the boundaries of WebGL technology to create next level visual web-based visual experiences and this Virtual Tour is no exception. It seamlessly blends 360° photorealistic 3D renders with interactive 3D exploration directly within the web browser. This virtual tour has also been successful at collecting an Excellence Award in the 30th Annual Communicator Awards. This accolade further highlights our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering top-notch solutions in the realm of 3D visualisation.

Our clients.

We value a great working relationship with our clients above all else.
It's why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.

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