Crafting cabinetry.

MasterBrand are one of the biggest cabinet makers in the USA with an industry-leading distribution network of over 4,500 dealers operating under several brand names. MasterBrand requires the highest quality CG imagery and 3D visualisation tools and utilise our full range of 3D services for stand alone product silos, full CG roomsets, animation and interactive visualisers.

Contemporary American kitchen CGI with maple black and contrasting white cabinetry

Visually brilliant kitchens.

Working in collaboration with our US partners, TCShadowlight, we have produced a huge number of CGI kitchens and stand alone renders for Masterbrand, showcasing their every aspect of their cabinetry, from full kitchen interiors to the intricacies of their cabinetry storage solutions. MasterBrand's marketing team have been quick to recognise the transformative power of CGI, acknowledging its cost-saving potential, unmatched quality and unparalleled flexibility.

3D rendered USA kitchen space with a large island breakfast bar, featuring maple black and contrasting white cabinetry
CGI render of a maple black and white contemporary kitchen, French doors lead into a matching utility area.
3D render of our clients kitchen cabinetry with integrated message centre

Operating under various brand names, MasterBrand often demand high-quality images in substantial volumes, something which we're geared up for. This sets us apart from the competition, as we're able to deliver the perfect blend of quality at scale. Whatever the project size, we can handle it.

CGI flatlay image capturing all the elements to be included in a contemporary USA kitchen design
A CGI flat-lay crafted to display the elements of a contemporary American kitchen interior

American kitchen aesthetics.

Since 2013 we’ve developed a close partnership with MasterBrand, working in collaboration with their marketing team to create interiors that capture their unique brand aesthetic. Our interior designers have honed their skills, refining the art of styling and design for the American market. This has led to an expanded role, allowing us to exert more influence on MasterBrand's styling direction, pushing their imagery to the next level.

Shaker style home office with sage and cream cabinetry CGI
3D render of a Shaker style home office with sage and cream cabinetry
Shaker style home office with sage and cream cabinetry CGI
Shaker-style home office filing drawer CGI with sage green and oak finishes

CGI excellence.

Devoted to crafting the best visuals on the market, our 3D artists are passionate about photorealism. Nowhere is this more evident than in our kitchen visuals for MasterBrand, where CGI captures a realism that not only meets but surpasses expectations in roomsets, lifestyle images, animations and cut-out silo images.

A bright spacious contemporary kitchen interior, blending traditional elements like crown mouldings with a clean minimal look
White painted and dark wood kitchen CGI
Dark wood cabinetry CGI with a hidden family message centre
Pull-out larder cabinet 3D rendered to display the internal storage.
3D render showing internal storage tray dividers in a tall oven housing.
Undercounter wine storage cabinet in a dark wood finish.

We use a combination of automation and creative skill to ensure consistent quality"

Next level.

We have had the privilege of working with MasterBrand, America’s largest kitchen company, since 2013 through our partnership with TCShadowlight. In this time we have crafted thousands of photoreal CG images and silo renders for them. In 2019 MasterBrand approached us with a request to create a cutting edge presentation piece to showcase our skills and growing interactive offering for their board of directors.


Works on anything.

Rising to the challenge, we developed the first-ever fully immersive 3D online kitchen tour. The kitchen tour was designed to work seamlessly on all modern browsers and devices as well as VR headsets, allowing people to move freely around the space as well as giving them the ability to open drawers and doors and also configure cabinetry colours. The tool bridges the gap between static configurators and offline 3D experiences, making it accessible to everyone.


Native to VR.

Because the tour is built within a three-dimensional environment, it naturally lends itself to virtual reality headsets, which is where the product really comes into its own. Once immersed in VR, users can explore the whole kitchen, interacting with units, even bending down to look inside and examine the cabinetry and countertops in greater detail.

The MasterBrand online VR tour redefines the boundaries of interactive virtual experiences, providing a unique opportunity for customers to interact, configure and explore products like never before.

Companies that have configurable products online reported a 20% average increase in revenue"

Immersive customisation.

MasterBrand boasts one of the most extensive cabinetry distribution networks in the world, featuring a diverse portfolio that incorporates 14 brand names. Our collaboration with MasterBrand has led to the development of two cutting-edge 3D visualizers for their flagship brands, Mantra and Omega Cabinetry.

Omega 360 Visualizer

Omega Kitchen Visualizer.

Our Omega kitchen visualizer tool elevates the art of kitchen design to new heights by boasting an astonishing range of over 5 million potential configurations. The Omega visualizer distinguishes itself with a vast catalogue of distinct door finishes which customers can apply to the kitchen cabinetry. Or indulge in creative expression by mixing and matching, if the customer wants to make a feature of the kitchen island by using a unique colour or finish.


Mantra 360 Visualizer.

The Mantra 360 visualizer was among our first online kitchen configuration tools, designed to empower customers by allowing them to envision their ideal cabinetry, work surfaces, and splashback tiles within one of three distinct kitchen layouts. We also included the ability to configure interior styling, resulting in a staggering array of nearly 250,000 unique possibilities.


Any browser, Any device.

Both the Mantra 360 Visualizer and the Omega Kitchen Visualizer have been meticulously crafted by our skilled developers using cutting-edge WebGL technology. This forward-thinking approach ensures seamless functionality on all devices and web browsers. The result is an instant, hassle-free user experience, allowing customers to effortlessly explore all the options, regardless of their choice of device or preferred web platform.

3D rendered blue bathroom cabinetry displayed in a luxurious gold and marble bathroom

Consistency at scale.

As well as an extensive range of kitchen CGI, we have produced an extensive collection of meticulously crafted CGI bathroom interiors and high quality silo renders for MasterBrand. As one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the USA, the demands on production are huge and MasterBrand requires us to regularly deliver exceptional CG content in huge volumes.

CG image of a blue traditional bathroom vanity cabinet with gold fitting and a white countertop
A light and airy bathroom interior with antique brass fittings and art deco influences
3D rendered blue traditional bathroom vanity pull-out with chrome wirework
Shaker style handcrafted pullout storage bathroom cabinet


In addition to creating room set images, MasterBrand also commissioned separate silo images and detailed product shots of all of the various sized cabinetry in their expansive range. The product range is enormous and we pride ourselves on being able to efficiently organise, automate and execute these production demands with ease, ensuring every image meets the highest standards of quality. Our team's commitment to delivering consistency at scale has allowed us to not only meet but exceed the expectations of MasterBrand Cabinets.

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