Crafting cabinetry.

MasterBrand are one of the biggest cabinet makers in the USA with an industry-leading distribution network of over 4,500 dealers operating under several brand names. MasterBrand requires the highest quality CG imagery and 3D visualisation tools and utilise our full range of 3D services for stand alone product silos, full CG roomsets, animation and interactive visualisers.

Next level.

We have had the privilege of working with MasterBrand, America’s largest kitchen company, since 2013 through our partnership with TCShadowlight. In this time we have crafted thousands of photoreal CG images and silo renders for them. In 2019 MasterBrand approached us with a request to create a cutting edge presentation piece to showcase our skills and growing interactive offering for their board of directors.


Works on anything.

Rising to the challenge, we developed the first-ever fully immersive 3D online kitchen tour. The kitchen tour was designed to work seamlessly on all modern browsers and devices as well as VR headsets, allowing people to move freely around the space as well as giving them the ability to open drawers and doors and also configure cabinetry colours. The tool bridges the gap between static configurators and offline 3D experiences, making it accessible to everyone.


Native to VR.

Because the tour is built within a three-dimensional environment, it naturally lends itself to virtual reality headsets, which is where the product really comes into its own. Once immersed in VR, users can explore the whole kitchen, interacting with units, even bending down to look inside and examine the cabinetry and countertops in greater detail.

The MasterBrand online VR tour redefines the boundaries of interactive virtual experiences, providing a unique opportunity for customers to interact, configure and explore products like never before.

Companies that have configurable products online reported a 20% average increase in revenue"

Consistency at scale.

Working in collaboration with our US partners, TCShadowlight, we have produced an extensive collection of meticulously crafted CGI bathroom interiors and high quality silo renders for MasterBrand Cabinets. As one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the USA, the demands on production are huge and MasterBrand requires us to regularly deliver exceptional CG content in huge volumes.



In addition to creating room set images, MasterBrand also commissioned separate silo images and detailed product shots of all of the various sized cabinetry in their expansive range. The product range is enormous and we pride ourselves on being able to efficiently organise, automate and execute these production demands with ease, ensuring every image meets the highest standards of quality. Our team's commitment to delivering consistency at scale has allowed us to not only meet but exceed the expectations of MasterBrand Cabinets.


Our clients.

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