Bedroom CGI

Awaken your bedroom marketing with stunning CGI.

We specialise in creating impeccable CGI visuals that bring bedrooms to life with photorealistic perfection. For over 20 years our talented team of 3D artists and interior designers have been creating exquisite 3D renders that elevate brochures and marketing materials, they’re a robust team that know how to bring your bedroom designs to life.

A chic bedroom interior featuring classic lava grey wardrobes.

Elevate freestanding furniture and fitted wardrobes with photorealistic 3D renders.

  • Photorealistic perfection
  • Scalable 3D solutions – delivering 100s of consistent images on demand
  • Interior design experts
  • Cost-effective visuals – no need for costly room sets or photography studios
  • Realistic fabrics
An open wardrobe with neatly organized clothes displayed above two wood finished closed internal drawers, highlighting the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics
With meticulous attention to detail and a punchy color palette of navy, peach, and burnt orange, this photorealistic CG bedroom image brings the clients design ideas to life
CGI bedroom scene showing a detailed view of a blue dressing table with modern brass handles
CGI wardrobe render showcasing a navy blue wardrobe with it's door open to reveal a beautifully designed cabinet interior with two clothing rails and oak timber finishes illuminated by overhead LED strips
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Pikcells have consistently delivered market leading CG Images and Visualisers for us since 2015"

A bedroom interior that embraces organic textures and lush green furnishings to display our clients wardrobes and bedroom furnishings
3D rendered white modern bedside table with black handles
Mirrored sliding door wardrobe, open displaying illuminated clothing rail and internal drawers

Elevate your bedroom brochures and take your marketing to new heights with our exceptional Bedroom CG visuals. At Pikcells we’re experts in creating exquisite photoreal interiors that captivate customers and inspire them to explore your range of bedrooms. With CGI, there’s total control over the final image, allowing us to showcase your bedroom products precisely as you envision. Or if you’re lacking inspiration, we have a talented team of award-winning interior designers ready to create 3D bedroom renders and visuals that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

A sleek sophisticated bedroom interior with white handleless cabinetry and chunky timber frames and panels which bring a touch of warmth and organic charm.
White handleless wardrobe CGI with warm wood frames and panels.

We’ve been creating CG images for the bedroom and furniture industry for over 20 years and have built up a skilled team of 3D artists that excel in their field. From lighting and materials to textures and angles, every detail is meticulously crafted by them to highlight the unique features and design elements of your furniture. Every detail is flawlessly captured, including the notoriously difficult realistic fabrics for bedding and hanging clothes. The results, CGI bedroom interiors that compete with traditional photography, but without the limitations, logistics and costs.

A bedroom dressing table 3D rendered cabinetry
A soft off-white cashmere bedroom with striking orange and green accents
Cashmere bedside table with shaker doors and exquisite antique brass handles alongside an attention-grabbing orange palette.
CGI flatlay image with a vibrant yellow theme alongside organic props and accessories
Yellow bedroom CGI bespoke room set interior design
Yellow bedroom CGI bespoke room set interior design
CGI render showing the lower track detail of a mirrored bedroom wardrobe
Yellow bedroom CGI displaying our clients mirrored wardrobes alongside the bed and bedside table

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