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Vita Student is a leading provider of high-quality, modern student accommodation in 26 locations across the UK. Using the latest WebGL technology we created a tool that allows their prospective tenants to explore accommodation, communal features and reserve their chosen room from a 3D floorplan.

Vita Student Online 3D Tour

Total Clarity.

Vita were looking for a way to effectively communicate their new student accommodation locations in Leeds and Birmingham and enquired about creating a seamless end to end online experience.

The majority of Vita’s clientele are overseas students who find existing methods of communicating student accommodation unclear and outdated. Our proposal was to develop an interactive 3D experience which would use the latest WebGL tech. Our aim was not only to provide a familiar experience for this youthful audience but also to present the building layouts in a clear and imaginative way.


3D models online, anywhere.

Built using the state-of-the-art WebGL technology that functions on all devices and modern browsers, our tool seamlessly integrates into Vitas existing pipeline.

By combining 360-degree panoramic images with 3D WebGL models, the interactive tool offers students total transparency when viewing accommodation options. They can explore the building in 3D, browse full 3D floor plans of the available rooms and experience the communal facilities in full 360° panoramas. Integration with an API gives up-to-date availability of accommodation, allowing prospective students to select and reserve a specific room through the website.

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The power of 3D interactivity.

Using 3D proved to be a game-changer for Vita, by creating the 3D floor plans and 360° panoramas from the architectural plans, we allowed them to market the student accommodation even before its completion. This eliminated the need to wait on construction and traditional photography and enabled Vita to swiftly market the rooms and facilities online, to prospective students. This innovative approach provided a clear advantage, attracting tenants early by creating confidence based on the 3D visualisations.


Engineered in house.

The culmination of years of R&D and previous experience with the WebGL engine enabled our developers to design and build this online application in house. This on-site expertise allows us to create flexible and highly optimised solutions specifically engineered to each project’s requirements.

With our cutting-edge interactive 3D experience we have revolutionised the way Vita communicates with prospective students. By providing a captivating and immersive platform, students can easily explore and reserve their ideal student accommodation, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable.

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Vita Student

Pikcells have given us a really useful tool that lets us be completely transparent with our customers, providing them with all the information they need to pick their ideal student accommodation."

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