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Distinctive British furniture company Frövi have been producing innovative and eye-catching furniture for commercial spaces for over 40 years. Their furniture is dedicated to meeting the needs of corporate and community environments with colourful and prominent Scandinavian inspired designs. Frövi’s creative approach to design produces some extraordinary furnishings which we know can be key to creating inspiring interiors. So we were delighted to partner with them to produce configuration tools and CG images for their website.

Bamboo Shelving Configurator


Bamboo is Frövi’s new modular shelving system, manufactured with environmentally conscious, sustainably sourced materials. Proving that responsible design can also be beautiful and practical for everyday use.

Bamboo has been specifically designed for storage and zoning in open plan workspaces. It uses an isosceles triangular framework and can be configured with shelves, lockers and cupboards to suit almost any office environment.

Frovi bamboo shelving configured with a cabinetry

Creative Configuration

Given the complexity of the Bamboo product and our previous success at developing configurators for Frövi (see Colony & Relic Cloud below), they approached us once again to create an interactive configurator capable of handling millions of possible configurations, colours and accessory options. Built using WebGL technology the Bamboo configurator works on all modern browsers and devices.

Bamboo can be configured for countless purposes, to simplify the configuration process several customisable design presets have already been entered. Alternatively users can craft a fully bespoke layout using the configurators freestyle design tool.

Design options menu for the Bamboo configurator

Real-Time Shadows

Shadows undoubtedly make a scene more real. We’ve implemented a clever lighting mechanic to the configurator that updates in real-time, allowing for shadows to be rendered as the user updates the layout and design.

Frovi Bamboo configurator export options screen
Frovi Bamboo configurator in an iPad tablet device

3d Interior Planning

With 3D interior planning becoming more mainstream, we've added an option to export Collada (.DAE) 3D models of the completed configuration, as well as a technical PDF summary and PNG image snapshots.


Pikcells have revolutionised how our customers engage with our office furniture. Through amazing CG images and interactive 3D configurators, Pikcells have provided captivating user experiences that have been a game-changer for Frövi."

Blue and purple open planned office with shelving and furniture defining individual zones, CGI by Pikcells

Sustainable shelving

In addition to the 3D configurator, Frövi commissioned a fresh set of brochure images to display the modular applications of Bamboo shelving in various office environments. Our interior designers took inspiration from the previous CGI produced for Frövi's Flord sofas (see Flord sofas below) to design these attractive CG office spaces.

CGI open planned office interior with orange Bamboo modular shelving system
Orange Bamboo modular shelving system storing various plants, bowls and books
Close up CGI of Frovi Bamboo shelving and storage lockers
CGI of a casual office seating area with Frovi's Bamboo shelving used as partitions
Modern 3D rendered interior design with two grey chairs and a coffee table in front of a modular shelving system
Modular office storage shelving system CGI


The Colony modular octagonal pod is a pioneering workspace partition that creates a space within a space. Developed for use in open plan environments Colony creates unique rooms, each with their own atmosphere and community feeling. Colony allows for each side panel to be configured to suit the customers colour and finish choice, giving literally millions of configurable options. To communicate this effectively Frövi needed a product configurator that could handle the millions of options as well as the internal furnishing options.

Colony configurator being used on a tablet

Any Browser, Any Device

Frövi’s brief requested a 3D configurator that would integrate seamlessly onto their existing website without the need for additional software or plugins. Built using the latest WebGL technology the Colony configurator works on all modern browsers and devices. With multiple pod configurations, a significant number of partition finishes and configurable internal accessories, the number of possible combinations that this tool handles is astonishing. Adding to the complexity our developers also had eliminate the invalid and conflicting configurations.

Frovi Colony workspace colour configuration

Export To 3D Software

Once the configuration is complete, a technical PDF summary of the final design or Collada (.DAE) model and texture pack can be downloaded for use in most 3D software packages.

Relic Cloud configurator displayed on an iPad

Relic Cloud

Frövi's Relic Cloud table is a configurable modern workspace, designed to be a visually appealing focal point that employees will instinctively gravitate towards. The table is targeted at office environments needing a meeting/collaboration area away from the desk, that promotes collaboration and creativity.

Frovi Relic Cloud colour swatches

Frövi were finding it difficult to display the huge range of frame finishes and surface options using brochures and swatches. With almost 2,500 colour and accessory combinations available an online product configurator made perfect sense. We designed and built a simple and easy to use online configurator with animated cameras to allow adjustment of frame and table top. The tool works on all devices and browsers making it accessible to all.

Accessory options displayed on the Relic Cloud configurator

Modular office sofa CG image

Flord Sofa

Flord is a fully modular sofa range that can be rearranged easily, giving flexibility and removing the lines of division between work spaces. Here our interior designers created a series of CGI's illustrating a stylish office space using Flord sofas, complementing lamps and room dividers.

Floorstanding lamp furnishing CGI
Flord sofa detailed CGI render displaying a laptop with integrated sofa table

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