Fortune 500 company Johnson Controls approached us in 2018 to create an new way to promote their latest product at trade shows and online.

The solution needed to be web based, engaging and fun to use as opposed to passive methods such as images or videos.

Initially they wanted something using VR headsets but after a bit of research we concluded that it wasn’t applicable to the type of interaction the customer needed. We proposed a WebGL based online solution that would gamify the [Very complicated] product and provide a more engaging way of exploring its features.

View the tour here.


Previously this type of information would be presented to customers by a salesperson in a scrolling, technical PDF or by a video presentation. Our interactive tour presents an equal amount of technical information, but in a more visual and enjoyable way.

After considerable research and development we started to design an application which would make a very complex product interesting to explore and digestible.

We grounded the experience in reality by using a data centre building as the basis for people to explore. In each section lies the relevant information, simplified and condensed then presented in a different way they can easily absorb.


This kind of “gamification”, made it interesting with all information displayed as visually as possible.

We created 3 exterior data centre models to filter some of the selections on floor plan, then allowed people to further customize the size of the space using an interactive 3D webGL model. This also provided real time information on the efficiency of the new system over competition and older models.

From here you can access the fire room which is an interactive 3D space the user can rotate around and explore the main part of the system.

Finally you can visit the server room which is a panoramic image allow a full 360 view of the space.